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Monday, March 1, 2010

Good Morning Summerfields!

PhilHealth will soon be distributing our new laser card - the HEALTH INSURANCE CARD.

It will have your member data record inside, your biometrics and a picture. It will be a totaly usable Identification card. Please apply in any of our service offices ... there's one is San Fernando and one in Angeles City - these are the ones nearest us in Summerfield Homes.

What's needed ? Your NSO birth Certificate which bears your BREN - Birth Registration Number. Remember you don't need to attach the birth certificate just write down the BREN. Most of us have our NSO Birthcertificates anyway. But for those who haven't there's an NSO office at Kalayaan Village in CSFP. Your TIN number is also a requirement. Just the numbers are needed to be written down no attachments please.

Here is a sample of the HICard Application form.

One can get it from any PhilHealth office and you can also download it from our website.

For OFWs please download it from your pc and send the filled out form to your families here in the Philippines or send it to PhilHealth Angeles Service Office, Nepo Quadrangle Angeles City Philippines.

Feel free to contact us at or in skype pro3a_so-angeles.

You may also call us at 8871009 or 3227162 for more details. I love PhilHealth ! It's nice to be assured of an affordable health insurance ... though totally better still not to get hospitalized at all.

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